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About Academic Excellence CDMS


Academic Excellence Content and Data Management Systems (CDMS) is a user-led content and data management system tailored for higher education and research institutions. Its novel web architect follows the web2.0 philosophy which highly motivates individual users' participation. It simplifies the process for data acquisition in an institution and dramatically reduces the workload of the institution administrators and research manager while keeping the institution's website and information up to date. It automates the process for collecting and managing bibliographic data for construction of bibliometric indicators of research quality under the Research Excellence Framework (REF).

Our CDMS provides a flexible, powerful and scalable platform for managing information within your organization. Simple, non-technical publishing tools enable academics to be autonomous in publishing information. Its powerful build-in editorial approval system provides a secure and robust re-assurance to ensure all the right things are published to the right channels.

It is an information system which is designed to serve both the internal and external demand on data and information with four key components:

I. A Novel Content Management System

II. An Integrated Institutional Repository

Key feature of our integrated institutional repository

  • Integrated institutional repository for research assessment.
  • User led data capture for publication, grant and research income, news and events, and research student managements
  • A central point for collecting research publications across the organization.
  • Increase the organization's research publications' visibility.
  • Provide¬†links to academics' professional web pages.

Key repositories

III. A Research Excellence Assessment System

IV. An Unparalleled Supporting Service

We provide multi-channels for customer supports.

  • A customizable Anti-Hacker software stopping suspicious hacking behaviours
  • Multimedia user manual and video demo on the use of the system
  • Live Chart system for system administrator to contact our technicians for support.
  • An online ticket system for responding to customer queries and tracking progress.
  • Provide onsite training according to customer's need.

Comparing to other existing Content Management System and publication management solutions, Academic Excellence CDMS is the only complete system designed for higher education institutions to enhance their academic and research excellence.